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Where We Went and Where We’re Headed.

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2016: Our Year In Review We cannot thank everyone enough for the amazing year you have given us! We were able to meet new customers who have now become friends, create lasting dealer relations, and some pretty exciting buzz in the media. Where to next? Well, you'll see.


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In one word, YES.   Just because you’re not swimming in it, doesn’t mean it’s not getting dirty. Honestly, in the winter months you might find your pool is EVEN DIRTIER and more susceptible to algae and bacteria growth.   Why? Well, because we just have a harder time convincing ourselves to brave the cold to [...]

The 5 Pool Personalities – The Easy-Goer

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No one wants to maintain there own pool, and now you don't have to. "I love hand-skimming!" Said no one ever.   The Solar-Breeze NX is so easy to use and does all the heavy lifting. Perfect for the relaxer in all of us. I grew up in northern California, where it was [...]

Free Shipping on orders placed by December 15th

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Spread holiday cheer with FREE SHIP code SBNXFS It is that magical time of year when days seems to disappear into thin air as the holidays approach. If you are planning to order a Solar-Breeze NX for yourself or someone you love this holiday, don’t let the days slip away without getting your order in! We [...]

5 Pool Personalities – The Pet Owner

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The Pet-Lover The water loving Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd who cools off in the pool, to the Labrador who's favorite game is to play fetch and splash. The fun times shouldn't have to stop because of doggy fur that sheds in the pool.   We love dogs in the pool, just not their hair. [...]

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