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It’s been one week since TechDay…

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and we're already missing it so much! TechDay LA was an amazing experience for us, being able to meet like-minded innovators who have identified a problem and are pouring their souls into the solution. From new e-commerce strategies, to on-demand ANYTHING, to (yes, finally!) a graphing calculator APP on your cellphone, the booths of exhibitors never [...]

Green Means Go! Easy Tips for Becoming Eco-Friendly

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After all the talk about transforming your house and yard in efforts to become more eco-friendly, the time has come for action. You walk into your local home improvement store and begin to mosey around the aisles. How can you tell which materials to buy amongst the hundreds of choices? Which will give you the most [...]


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Your pool water carries a certain amount of acid, and keeping it in balance is key to protecting your skin, gorgeous locks, those eyes, and your pool equipment. pH is a bit of a scale, ranging from acid (pH0) to alkaline (pH14). For our bodies, going neutral with your pool water is best. Fish, amphibians and, [...]

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