Learn about the pool maintenance basics every pool owner should know.

If you’ve got a swimming pool, it’s important to understand pool maintenance basics to keep your pool clean and swim-ready.  In this article we cover the basics, and also a few ways to make taking care of your pool easier and less time-consuming.

  1. Get organized! It helps to make a pool maintenance schedule to keep track of when you need to complete various pool-related tasks. Whether you have divided up tasks among family members, have a professional pool service helping out, or are taking on care of the pool yourself, create a checklist to make sure all tasks are completed.
  2. During swim season, check your pool chemistry 1-2 times weekly. You can test the pH of your water to determine how much chlorine is needed. The lower the pH, the less chlorine you will need to add. Pool pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8.
  3. Make sure your pool is chlorinated. Depending on the way you chlorinate your pool – inline chlorinator, deck chlor or floating chlorine dispenser – check tablet levels and make sure there are no clogs.
  4. Check pool water level to make sure the pool skimmer door and built-in skimmer are functioning properly. If you are using a floating pool skimmer, maintaining the proper water level will ensure it won’t get caught on the edge of the pool deck.
  5. Take care of your pool filtration system. Clean out the skimmer basket regularly, and check for accumulation of debris in the hair and lint pot attached to the pool pump. You’ll need to turn off the pump before cleaning, then make sure to bleed the air out of the valve on top of the filter when you’re done. Clean filters regularly and backwash as needed.
  6. Vacuum the bottom and sides of the pool as needed. You can use a hand vacuum with a hose and telescoping pole, or make life a little easier with a robotic vacuum.
  7. Wipe or brush the tile line weekly. This will keep buildup from forming and help prevent algae growth.
  8. Clean your pool deck. Keeping the area around your pool clean will introduce less dirt and debris into the pool.
  9. Shock the pool when needed. If you’ve slacked on some of your cleaning tasks or if you’ve had a lot of swim use (parties, etc.) you may need to shock the pool to prevent bacteria and algae from growing. This is especially true during extended periods of hot weather.
  10. Skim, skim, skim! You can hand skim your pool daily, or you can add a solar-powered floating pool skimmer to your pool do the skimming for you. The Solar-Breeze NX2 is a robot that skims the pool continuously, capturing debris before it has a chance to sink and start to decay.

Stay on top of these pool maintenance basics and you’ll be set for a great pool season.